Q. How does the Sera blanket work?
A. Our unique design has 2 components, the cover which is available in two sizes Regular (70" x 40") or Lap (40”x 40”), and weighted strips that are customized to your weight. We provide you with a special tool to help you pull each strip into the channels of the cover.  This allows the blanket to grow as your child grows, or to adjust the weight until you find just the right amount of weight for your optimum comfort.

Q. What fabrics are used in constructing the Sera blanket?
A. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of both materials and workmanship. The Sera blanket is made of the finest quality 100% cotton, it provides the benefit of adding weight without adding warmth. The Sera blanket weighted strips incorporate 100% Kona cotton sleeves filled with plastic pellets created specifically for weighted blankets. The Sera blanket is not mass produced, but handcrafted by our experienced seamstresses, taking care to double stitching every seam on both the covers and the weighted strips.

Q. Can I wash my Sera blanket?
A. Yes! Complete laundering instructions are included with your blanket. The weighted strips can be removed from the cover and individually laundered as needed. After removing the strips, laundering the cover is like washing a set of sheets. For optimum fabric life and to prevent fading, we recommend using cold water and line drying the cover. The weighted strips can be dried in the dryer on a low setting. 

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my Sera blanket?
A. Each of our Sera blankets is handcrafted and made to order right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Your blanket will arrive, ready to use; filled with the number and weight of strips customized just for you. We currently have a two to three week turnaround time.  

Q. What are the small colored dots/lines on my blanket cover?
A. The small dots or lines you see are tailor chalk which we use to mark measurements on the strips and cover. These marks will disappear with the first laundering, and are your assurance that your Sera blanket was not mass produced, but handcrafted by our experienced seamstresses. You may also be interested in knowing that every seam on both the covers and the strips are double stitched.  

Q. How do I sleep under my blanket?
A. Typically you would place your Sera blanket either on top of your top sheet or on top of the other comforter you have on your bed. Because the Sera blanket is made of the finest quality 100% cotton, it provides the benefit of adding weight without adding warmth.  

Q. What are the weighted strips made of?
A. The unique design of the Sera blanket weighted strips incorporates 100% Kona cotton sleeves filled with plastic pellets created specifically for weighted blankets.  They are made of new, unused and unprocessed products... not virgin or recycled plastics.  Some virgin and recycled products can contain additives or contaminants like carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals which are obviously unsafe for human exposure. When buying a recycled product, PLEASE be sure you understand the source. If a product does not indicate that it is NEW, UNUSED, and UNPROCESSED, you should not buy it unless you know where it came from.  
They can be used in home and commercial washers and dryers and are free of any toxic additives or by-products.   

Q. How do I calculate how much weight I need?
A. You have come to the right place! The unique design of the Sera blanket gives you two advantages over the traditional weighted blanket.  First, because the Sera blanket is customize-able, you can add or remove the weighted strips till you find that perfect “sweet spot” of weight that gives you the optimum comfort. Use our unique Create-a-Blanket feature to take the guesswork out of your blanket purchase. Simply go to Create-a-Blanket, choose a cover pattern, blanket size, enter your age and weight, and our blanket builder will do the rest!

Q.  Are custom fabrics available?
A. Yes! We do have a custom fabric service. Simply email service@serablanket.com and we'll contact you to design a blanket especially for you! 

Q.  Can I submit the cost of my Sera weighted blanket to my medical insurance for reimbursement?
A. Of course, every health care insurance plan is different, but your Sera weighted blanket may be covered. Weighted blankets can be considered durable medical equipment, and may be covered. Your doctor can write you a prescription for a weighted blanket. We advise you to call your insurance company to find out their policy and instructions on processing the claim.

Q. Why am I required to enter my age and weight on the Create-a-Blanket customizer?
A. Our Create-a-Blanket feature takes into account your age, weight, and your choice of cover size to recommend the best weight of your Sera blanket for optimal comfort.

Q. Why are there two sizes of covers?
A. We initially designed the lap size (40” x 40”) cover for folks struggling with RLS (restless leg syndrome). We found that this is a very popular size for relaxing while studying or watching TV. Many folks who frequently travel find the lap size blanket convenient to carry on to an airplane. Some parents opt to start out with the smaller blanket for their young child. Please note that weighted blankets are not recommended for children under the age of 3 years old. The same weighted strips work in both the full and lap size covers.