There has GOT to be a better way!

Have you ever heard the quote... “Necessity is the mother of inventions”?   Well, the unique design of Sera blanket was born, as many great inventions in the past, out of concerns and frustrations in the way that all other weighted blankets out there are made.  

All other weighted blankets out there in stores and online have basically the same design... poly pellets sewn into beanbag pouches in the cover of the blanket.  

I made my first dozen or so weighted blankets this same way and became very frustrated, almost to the point of giving up! As the blankets became larger, and heavier it was very difficult to keep my stitches nice and even.  And filing 244 pockets... scoop, weigh, dump, sew... was very time consuming!

I was also reading a lot of blogs online where families were expressing two main concerns.  First of all, how do they launder something this heavy in their home washing machine?  Also, what happens when my child goes through a growth spurt?  Do I need to keep buying blankets as my child needs more weight?

My oldest son, Chuck, my husband Keith, and I sat down to brainstorm and came up with the unique design of Sera Blanket.  Our blankets have two components, a duvet cover with channels sewn into the cover and a zipper down the one long side, and weighted strips that get inserted into the channels.  We make the covers in 2 sizes; a lap size for relaxing on the couch, and a full size for sleeping.  The weighted strips come in 3 different weight increments... so the full size blankets can grow from 5 or 6 pounds to 28 pounds! 

Our vision was that a family could purchase one blanket, and by adjusting the weighted strips the blanket would be effective through a child’s growing up years!  It would also be easy to launder the blanket at home, saving costs at the dry cleaner.

We are very blessed by all the families that have been using Sera blanket and have had amazing results!  Please take a moment to read some of their stories on our testimony page.

Thanks for reading and for learning more about our Sera blankets!


Cindy Grebinger

Founder, Sera blankets