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Do you lay awake at night with your mind rolling over many random thoughts?

Before I began using my Sera weighted blanket, I would be awake several hours two or three nights a week unable to stop the rolling, random thoughts flooding my mind.  Sometimes it was real life things that I was worrying about.  Other times just snippets of random thoughts.  I tried everything... getting up and journaling my thoughts, listening to soothing music, you name it- I tried it.   Words just can’t describe the comforting relaxing felling sleeping under a weighted blanket.  You just have to try it!  I have done this little experiment with myself... I get all comfy under my blanket and then count backwards slowly from 10 to 1.  Just like if I was going under anesthesia.  I...

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Check out our new unboxing video on our Sera Blankets

Sera Weighted Blanket Unboxing video from Keith Grebinger on Vimeo. We were excited to recently shoot this video explaining the adjustable features of our Sera Weighted blankets.  Our full size blankets can grow from 4 pounds to 28 pounds, simply by adding heavier weighted strips.   For your first great nights sleep...Order yours today. Sera blanket... Peace.Calm.Sleep.

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How exactly does a weighted blanket work?

Weighted therapy is not a new age, flash in the pan, new fangled idea ... it is a type of therapy that has been used by Holistic practitioners and therapists for decades.  Simply google weighted therapy and stress, or autism, or dementia and you will find a wealth of information on how effective weighted therapy is for these and a list of other medical concerns.  In a nutshell, the weight of blanket on your muscles and tissues stimulates your brain stem to produce more of the hormone Serotonin, the hormone that helps you to calm down and relax.  The deep pressure tissue stimulation also decreases the production of Cortisol... the hormone that makes you feel anxious and stressed.  The great...

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